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  1. Mike Prenant – ACT Cotton

    I feel very grateful and privileged to be one of the first to try out THE EDGE. I got to ask is it really this easy? I pulled up a few of my past jobs of all different complexities and in every situation I found THE EDGE tool to be within a 1% margin which is in my opinion spot on! While I was using this tool I found it to be so simple that anyone could use it as a matter of fact I believe that once this is rolled out officially and the word gets out it will be considered a Game Changer! Great job on putting this together you really out did yourself this time.

    Mike Prenant ACT – Cotton

  2. Andy Gove

    With the release of THE EDGE v3, I have seen first-hand, how innovative the software is and I am confident that it will forever change the landscape in the restoration industry. I highly recommend it!

    Andy Gove

  3. Chris McCormick – Legacy Restoration

    I don’t know why everyone isn’t using THE EDGE v3 . But, I am kind of glad they don’t because my estimates and proposals stand out from the rest… I use it all the time, especially during CAT work! Everyone should have THE EDGE.

    Chris McCormick
    Legacy Restoration

  4. Dan Boot – Garrett McKenzie

    THE EDGE v3 is fast and deadly accurate. We put it to the test and found it to be with 5- 10% of our actual T & M Billing upon completion of the job!

    Dan Boot
    President, Operations – Garrett McKenzie

  5. Dylan Timmel

    I cannot say enough great things about The Edge both the basic and v3. Our company is able to put together an estimate much faster than we use to. In addition, our customers really like the detail that is involved with the scope of work and personally, how accurate it is for creating an estimate for you. I highly recommend everyone to take Tom McGuire’s class and learn how the edge works!

  6. Dwayne Tomlin – Fast & Friendly Restoration

    The Edge v3, now is the only thing we use to estimate jobs. The ease of use and it’s simplicity makes it easy and valuable for anyone. This product is unique in our industry, we’ve tried everything that’s come to market, nothing has produces superior results like The Edge. Attend the live class to better leverage this tool. It’s been a real game-changer for us, its helped us tap into a market that we never would have before- all because of Large Loss Mastery and The Edge v3

  7. Doug Weatherman (verified owner)

    The Edge takes days off your estimate turnaround time for larger commercial losses and it is an asset to compare your company rates with other estimating platforms “allowances.” We use it to help us to be first to the customer with an accurate price tag for the services they require and it has been a great sales tool using that dynamic.

    Doug Weatherman
    COO – Co Founder Rare Restoration

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