Meet The Instructors

Thomas McGuire

Thomas McGuire


Founder, Owner, Trainer, Teacher, Learner

36-year veteran of Large Loss and Disaster Recovery specializing in structural damage restoration/decontamination, ambient control/stabilization and vital document recovery/vacuum freeze drying systems.

International experience includes: Kuwait City, Singapore and Costa Rica.

Mickey Lee

Mickey Lee

Guest Instructor & Mentor for Large Loss Mastery Elite

32-year veteran of Large Loss and construction related industries including extensive experience with commercial buildings: large convention centers, shopping malls, universities and historical buildings. Mickey led the development of 2009 Commercial Drying Specialist Certification and is a member of the IICRC S500 Consensus Body and former S500 Standards Chair.

Brad Key

Brad Key

Guest Instructor and Mentor for Large Loss Mastery Elite

42-year veteran of Large Loss and Disaster Recovery, specializing in structural damage restoration/decontamination and ambient conditions control during events caused by fires, floods and natural disasters. Brad is considered an expert in disaster recovery and excels in leadership training and excellent service delivery.

Brad Key

Jack Warkenthien

Guest Instructor-Large Loss Mastery BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT

Jack is CEO, Best Selling Author and Founder of NextStep Solutions (NSS), Sales Specialists headquartered in Houston, TX. NextStep Solutions, is known, worldwide, for increasing client sales, through a customerized approach to strategy, training, coaching, and consulting services. NextStep Solutions—founded in 1995—inspires sales greatness, focusing on building relationships and enhancing communications skills, delivering quantifiable results.

Brad Key

Tim Miller

Founder/President - Business Development Associates, Inc

Tim Miller is the “Restoration Sales Expert” and President and Founder of Business Development Associates, Inc. (BDA) The company is the best in the world at creating referral and other sales programs for restoration contractors. BDA’s clients have generated well over $150 million in new business so restorers can drive the growth of their own business and not be at the mercy of TPAs.  

In addition, Tim helps clients be sure that they not only grow top line sales revenue but also bottom-line net profits! This allows their business to create true wealth and allow owners the freedom they were seeking when they first started their business. Says Miller, “Every day I wake up hoping to inspire business and sales leaders to take action to uncover and fix hidden sales and business problems and use that knowledge to transform their businesses, creating true wealth and achieving their dreams!”

Well-kept stay polished

Neeley Kolsch

Business Development, Entrepreneur, Founder, CEO – Well-Kept. Brands

Neeley is a spearhead for organizations, developing new business, managing existing clients. She has extensive knowledge in commercial restoration, project management, catastrophe logistics, and developing protocols. An entrepreneur at heart, Neeley has extensive experience with new product development, manufacturing and securing national and international retail partnerships. In 2012 Neeley Founded and is currently CEO of Well - Kept. Brands, selling hundreds of thousands a custom designed sanitizing wipes for personal electronic devices such as cell phones and computers. Neeley’s Well - Kept products have been featured multiple times on Good Morning America, and The View.  You can find her products in Ritz-Carlton Hotels, J Crew, Nordstroms, Sephora and Anthropologie stores.

Well-kept stay polished

Bernie Tobin

Co-Founder/Managing Director All American Property Consultants

Bernie Tobin is the Managing Director and Co-Founder of All-American Property Consultants (AAPC), a management consulting, business development advisory firm, tailored to service providers operating in the insurance market. With more than 3 decades of experience, Bernie excels in the development of strategic account approaches to top-down operational analysis, and expenditure reviews.   Bernie is a graduate of Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania where he received a BA in History, and a minor in Business Administration. While attending, he was a Co-Captain on the swim team, earning All-America honors on two occasions.

Well-kept stay polished

Jeff Carrier

Founder/CEO Restoration ERP

Jeff Carrier is a 10+ year industry sales and marketing veteran, leading teams of sales professionals for a full-service independent restoration company. Currently Jeff runs and operates one of the industry’s largest digital marketing firms dedicated specifically to the restoration industry. After years of research, speaking directly with a wide range of business owners, studying their interest and dedication to finding, developing and servicing more commercial restoration revenue and clients Jeff developed Restoration ERP, a disaster preparedness tool to help restorers and end users successfully prepare for the unexpected.  

Brad Key

Lane Larsen

Founder/CEO – Clean Claims – Process Enforcement

Lane is the Founder and President of Clean Claims, headquartered in Herriman, Utah.  Clean Claims, is a process enforcement software for disaster cleanup companies featuring the highest performing wireless moisture sensors on the market.   As a graduate from the University of Utah Lane has always excelled in the world of business as a restoration industry serial entrepreneur. Building (4) separated restoration companies from the ground up, experiencing all of the headaches and rewards of business ownership and eventual profitable sale of the restoration businesses.  Clean Claims - Process Enforcement Software is Lane’s latest business venture is centered around the need for accurate process enforcement of daily progress and procedures of restoration projects, including technician and production labor performance, featuring wireless hygrometers and moisture meters.

Some of the most notable projects that our team has been involved with:

  • World Trade Center 1993
  • Pentagon Building
  • Superdome
  • City of New Orleans
  • New Orleans Criminal Courts and NOPD
  • City of Cedar Rapids
  • Iowa City
  • Norris School District - Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Nissan Stadium - Nashville, Tennessee
  • JEA Power Plant - JAX
  • Seminole Power Plant - JAX
  • Macintosh Power Plant - Lakeland, FL
  • Colorado State University
  • Iowa State University
  • Xavier University - New Orleans, LA
  • Penn State University
  • Stanford University
  • Austin Peay University
  • Gustavus Adolphus College
  • New Orleans Arena
  • May Companies - Northridge Earthquakes - LA
  • Our team has been apart of the recovery efforts for Hurricanes: Irma, Harvey, Mathew, Sandy, Ike, Katrina, Andrew, Floyd, Rita, Ivan, Hugo, Allison, Charlie, Francis, Wilma and record flooding in St, Louis, Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Grand Forks, Ft. Collins Colorado and Fargo North Dakota.